Office Procedures

        In-Office Procedures

At Lew Medical, we strive to provide you with compassionate and patient-focused services. Your health concerns matter to us, and we are available for help in your emergency needs.

Some of our office procedures include:
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing of precancerous skin lesions
  • Biopsy of suspected skin lesions
  • Removal of unsightly age spots, moles, and warts
  • Surgical removal of sebaceous cysts
  • Removal of milium cysts
  • Ear clearing
  • Chemical cauterization of nose bleeds
  • Steroid injections for a number of orthopedic conditions from trigger fingers to foot neuromas, from shoulder bursitis to arthritic knees, and more
  • Excision of thrombosed hemorrhoids
  • Removal of ingrown toenails
  • Treatment of genital warts

See the Testimonials of Our Satisfied Patients

"Going to the doctor's office is the last thing I'd like to do on a Friday, but the doctors and staff always make me feel better." -GC

"It's very nice to see Dr. Lew again. Overall, everything in the office is nice and pleasant. I would love to visit more.” -SP

“My husband and I have been with Dr. Lew for many years. The office staff has always been helpful and we feel very comfortable here and are very grateful for their service.” -PL

“I've been to this office in the neighborhood of 20 years. The staff has always been very pleasant and helpful. The doctors are caring and the wait in the waiting room is never long.” -LM

“Doctors and office staff are of the utmost professionalism and make each appointment a very pleasant experience.” -AR

“Very kind and thorough service. I never feel rushed with my medical care.” -LW
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