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You'll often have a lot of questions when you are thinking about switching doctors. Don't choose your medical care provider blindly – read through our frequently asked questions, so you can make sure we are the right care provider for you. You can depend on Lew Medical's staff to provide you with excellent care.
Medical Questions

Any Extra Questions?

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, or if you'd like a little more clarification about one of the questions you had, give us a call at 818-246-7115 or send us an e-mail to lewmedical@hotmail.com. We are always happy to assist you.

Billing FAQs

I have a question about my bill. Who should I contact?
All of our billing is done out of office by a professional medical billing company, Medical Electronic Data Processing (MEDp). You can call them directly at 626-446-7223.

Why am I being billed?
No medical visit or procedure is done free of charge. We will first bill your insurance company. If for some reason your insurance doesn't cover the procedure, or it's built into your policy that you'll be responsible for a portion of the total cost, then you'll receive a bill from us.

Can I pay for my bill or my visit over the phone?
Yes, we'll take credit card payments over the phone.


Other FAQs

What hospitals are you affiliated with?
Our physicians have privileges at Adventist Health Glendale, Glendale Memorial, and Verdugo Hills hospitals.

Where can I get my lab work done?
Our electronically generated form is accepted at any lab. Most hospitals have labs and don't require appointments. 
However, you may have restrictions based on your insurance
(e.g., if you have an HMO insurance plan with Lakeside Medical Group, or Regal Medical you must do your lab work at a Quest Diagnostic Lab). 
To reach the Adventist Health Lab, contact the hospital operator at 818-409-8000. For more detailed location information,
see our links page.

What does it mean to fast for my lab work?
To fast means that you need to go without food or drink for 10-12 hours prior to having blood drawn. You may have water, and you may take any medications that you take on a daily basis.

Where do I go if I need a procedure done? (X-ray, mammogram, MRI, etc.)
Our electronically generated orders are accepted at any Radiology or Mammography Department. Most hospitals offer facilities for these procedures and do require appointments. 
To contact Adventist Health Glendale  Scheduling, call the hospital operator at 818-409-8000. Note that your insurance may only be contracted with certain facilities. Contact your insurance company to find out where they will cover your testing.

Do I need authorization for my lab work or procedure?
Lab work does not require prior authorization from your insurance company. If you have a PPO/EPO insurance plan, you usually don't need prior authorization for procedures. Occasionally you will, but that will be determined by your plan. If you have an HMO/POS insurance, you'll always need to wait for prior authorization from your insurance company before having a procedure done. The average wait time for authorization is 48 hours.

Do I need an authorization to see a specialist?
If you have a PPO/EPO plan, you don't need a referral or authorization to see a specialist. If you have an HMO/POS plan, you do need prior authorization before seeing anyone other than your Primary Care Physician (PCP).

How do I get copies of my test results?
Copies of test results are not immediately issued to the patient. A lab or hospital will send all results to the ordering physician for review. Only once they have been reviewed, will they become available to the patient. You may request a copy of these results during your appointment or by phone or e-mail. Note that we don't have or keep original films in our office – only the test report.

How do I get refills on my prescriptions?
You may contact your pharmacy directly for refills. If you're out of refills, call our office at ext 200. to request a new prescription. You may be required to schedule an appointment with your provider.

Where can I park when I come to the office?
There is a parking structure directly beneath our office building. It is a paid structure and the current rate is $1 per 20 minutes with a daily maximum of $6. We don't validate. FREE street parking may be available.

Do you take Workers' Comp?
We don't take Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Insurance FAQs

Why did my insurance not cover this visit or procedure?
Every insurance policy is different. If you don't understand your policy, contact your insurance company for an explanation of your benefits and coverage.

What insurances do you take?
We accept all Medicare and most PPO plans. We also take HMO, POS plans through the IPA's: Lakeside of Glendale or Regal Medical of San Fernando. Unfortunately, we don't service straight Medi-Cal or Medi-Cal HMOs and some EPOs.

What does my insurance cover?
Because each policy is different, you'll need to contact your insurance company for an explanation of your benefits and coverage.

How much will I have to pay out of pocket for my visit?
This will depend on your insurance policy. There is no flat rate for visits or procedures. The cost will be determined by the coding the physician attaches to your notes based on what happens during your visit. With that in mind, most visits and office procedures will cost between $100 and $500, and you may be held responsible for a portion of that depending on your policy. Contact your insurance for an explanation of your benefits and coverage.

What if I don't have insurance?
We accept all self-pay patients and offer a discount if you pay at the time of service. This discounted rate ranges from $75 to $375 depending on what is done during your visit. Again, this discount is only applied if you pay in the office at the time of service. We accept cash and card payments in the office.

What is my co-pay?
The co-payment or co-pay is a payment defined in your insurance policy and paid by you each time you come to the office. Some policies establish a flat-rate co-pay, and other policies have a percentage co-pay. All co-pays are due at the time of service. We accept cash and card payments in the office. Refer to your insurance card or contact your insurance company if you don't know what your co-pay is.

I don't understand insurance lingo. What does _____ mean?
Premium: the amount of money that is stipulated by an insurance company that a policyholder must pay in order to maintain the active coverage of the insurance.

Deductible: the amount of money that a policyholder must pay before the insurance company's coverage begins.

PPO: Preferred Provider Organization. Type of insurance plan.

EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization. Type of insurance plan.

HMO: Health Maintenance Organization. Type of insurance plan.

POS: Point of Service. Type of insurance plan.

Office FAQs

What are your office hours?
We're open Monday–Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For your convenience, our phone operator is available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Our office is closed for lunch on M,W,F  12:30 PM to 2 PM.

What if I need to reach the doctor or I have a health problem and the office isn't open?
If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have an urgent matter during lunch or after hours, there is always an on-call physician. Simply call the office number and follow the instructions.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
If you have an urgent medical need, we usually have same-day appointments available. If it's not urgent, we can usually schedule an appointment for you within 48 hours.
If no appointments available at your convenience, please call 888-787-1712 for a list of Urgent Care Centers in your area.
Remember if you are experiencing a life-threatning emergency , call 911

Does anyone in the office speak another language?
Yes. We have the following languages spoken by a physician or staff: Spanish, Armenian, and Russian.

Do you take walk-ins?
Unfortunately, We do not take walk-ins. Please schedule an appointment.
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